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        Welcome to Legends Comics and Books

        Even we shop here!

        Legends Comics & Books, loted in downtown Victoria, BC, has been providing collectors with the finest — and most eclectic — variety of comics and sequential art since 1992.

        Legends was nominated for the prestigious Will Eisner “Spirit of Retailing” Award in 2009.

        Legends was awarded nada’s national “Outstanding Comic Book Retailer” at The Joe Shuster Awards.

        Legends’ vast inventory includes:

        • New and vintage comics
        • Graphic novels
        • Back issues
        • Rare collectables

        Knowledgeable and devoted to the great tradition of sequential story-telling, Legends puts the “book” back in “comic book!”

        Take a look through our site, or, if you would rather come in and see us for yourself, you n find our lotion by clicking on this map. For further information regarding our hours of operation, or if you have any questions, please check out the contact page.